Greater Portland Trans Unity was formed in April 2014 to organize the first annual Portland Trans Pride March on Pride weekend. We are an all-volunteer committee organizing community events to build awareness, share resources, and foster solidarity among transgender, intersex, non-binary, and two spirit people, as well as our friends, allies, and accomplices.

In addition to our work on the Portland Trans Pride Marches, members of Greater Portland Trans Unity have helped organize the Trans Liberation Open Mic, Trans Day of Remembrance, the Trans Day of Visibility, and a Trans Community Health Fair in Portland, Oregon.

Our Events

Our community events are ADA accessible and our films are shown with English captions. ASL interpretation is provided upon request, when requested 48 hours prior, and we are open to discussing any other accessibility accommodations that may be required by any individual.

Perfume, cologne, and scented detergents can trigger headaches and respiratory issues for people with chemical sensitivity. In order to make our events more accessible for everyone, we ask that you please refrain from using scents if you can.

We are committed to providing a space where transphobia, racism, misogyny, classism and other oppressive behaviors are interrupted, addressed, and not tolerated. If you experience any of these behaviors, please notify a member of our current volunteer committee.

Current Volunteer Committee

We are a diverse and non-hierarchical collective of organizers from across the trans spectrum. This has been a consensus-driven process, designed to centralize the voices of those most impacted by transphobia and racism. We aim to celebrate the incredible gains made by our community, mourn the tragic losses we’ve faced this year, and stand in solidarity with our many brethren in the struggle.